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Pushing foward even in diasters! 

Sometimes you need to hear the perfect words said from someone besides yourself. With the same belief behind their words like you said it yourself. That's hard to come by but hard times aren't. You can be strong and motivate yourself push yourself create success with yourself but you might find yourself wishing it was you and somebody else. Standing on your own two feet alone can take a toll on one's mind. At lease that's how it feels for me and for those reading who can relate. I just want to say: Keep being strong although your legs feel weak, keep holding yourself up (even though the view up there doesn't seem worth it), keep fighting even when you lost track of what your fighting for! Your life will get better every struggle has a purpose you can't forget that. Every problem has a solution you might fail 100 times but if you keep pushing you will make it.The moment you think you won't and that you should just give up! Try one more time! Try one more time! You can find positive in every situation if you really try to and even if you're convinced you can't. Try to! Most people have a few great friends and family members. But some of us are so different we're not quiet understood by the ones who surround us! Leading us to feel alone where's there plenty of company. I just want to say- despite the qualities that make us different and misunderstood by the majority we are vital to this world and we're not alone. We just aren't average or the majority. If nobody told you yet: I love you! This world needs you! And please always be you, never comprise!

Everyday converstaions with Myself( Growing Up) 

I feel like everything goes wrong at once. The talks you give yourself becomes less motivating. You start looking at your dreams asking questions you never thought you'd ask yourself. This is what it must feel like to grow up. Is this why people get college degrees in things they don't care about, because the dream carried to big of a risk ? Maybe thats why so many Americans are so unhappy because they're spending 8 to 12 hours days doing jobs they only do to maintain they're lifestyle! I don't want to be them but I also don't want to be homeless and hungry. They say its a struggle and you must have patience for progression. See I'm down for the struggle its just hard to keep going when there aren't even signs that it will all be worth it! Patience is something a dreamer must have but once your grown and on your own bills don't stop! Everyday you learn something new because life has a new challenge for you! Its almost like school but gym class because its just throwing balls at you and its your job to not get hit. Eventually you learn how to protect yourself but then someone throws a ball you didn't expect. Then here comes 10 more. To overcome life's obstacles you have to be strong but the thing is you don't know if your strong til the end. I guess its Just like fighting the battle and havin faith that you'll win.

Just DO it 

If my mind could live my life for me I'd be living the dream! Everyday I come up with a master plan and ways to execute it in my head. The hours of the day just don't play out how there supposed to and life has other things going on I didn't exactly plan for. Talk about something be easier said then done! Sometimes you have to just do it, no matter how tired or busy you feel you are! I'm starting to realize success isn't easily captured because people have lives to live while dreaming! It's the people who just do it, no matter what life throws at them, and I think that's what makes true success. So take those plans your mind cooks up everyday, and apply them. Stop putting things off until the next day because your busy or tired, go without sleep before you don't take steps to succeed! Instead of watching your favorite show craft your future. That conversation can wait your building something way more important. I mean life waits for nobody; Dreams are only dreams until we make them reality!

America Has A Problem!  

You know something, I don't believe in a perfect America just one better then this. You know one where; people with different opinions can sit in the same room and 

carry conversations on the same post! One where we're not so quick to throw insults at people who disagree. Hard facts still lead to different opinions but a lot of us forget that. Yeah I play my part in this; I won't deny it! Especially when people draw opinions from other opinions, it can be aggravating I understand. But, we have to ask ourselves do we even truly seek out to understand that persons point of view? I mean think about it, this year 2016 lost so many real problems trying create ones that weren't there! For example, The election, racism, gay rights, and sports where the main topics; although there are real problems to be pointed on with ALL these examples so many false ones where created. This elections main focus was Clinton's emails and Trumps comments though those are real things to be concerned about, not much was spent talking what they could offer. To find out what the candidates future plans are for this country,you really weren't getting that from the news. Racism was also a big issue and it ties into the election, I mean it came down to if you were a Trump supporter most Clinton supporters thought you was a bigot and racist and so much more. It's like nobody thought, what if they just like his plan for America better then Clintons? Next Police brutality is obviously a big problem and race most definitely is a factor but, every cop isn't bad and every person of color killed isn't innocent. People spent so much time trying make everything seem racist it drew attention away from the real racist situations taking place causing some white people to never see anything but the opposite! I mean people where focused on stuff like the Grammy's being racist when we have social injustice that barley gets talked about. I think some people forget things are going be racially dominated because although not by law we still tend to segregate; though not always by race! I mean think about it; the whole school doesn't hang out we go into groups which tend to normally dominate by race. But, that's not racist It's just sort of natural. I mean just like The LGBT members tend to group with other LGBT members; which brings me to my next point. Every time you see a popular gay post I'm willing to bet you see hate comments. We don't all have to agree upon ones lifestyle but do we have to shame it every chance we get ?  We all have something about ourselves the majority around us can't understand and probably never will; sometimes that can be hardest part of ourselves to learn to love! Being a LGBT member is never easy, even now when it seems popular. If a person isn't "Living right" in too many eyes that can be hard enough. I just get why we have to put people down for being them; when we've all had a point when being us wasn't easy. But any sports this year took over the memes and although most of love a good heated sports argument things got a little too heated. People were assassinating others character over who or what team they like. Things are flying out of control and I know things could never be perfect. We ask ourselves what's happening to upcoming generations but if you look at society where acting like a bunch of children ourselves! But, I don't think it takes rocket science to change it! So I picture the day America can admit it's problem and truly grow as one. We have a problem, and it takes more then the government to fix it!

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Does The King's herb Enhancer work? 

Lately Twitter has been going crazy over the kings brand newest product; the Herb enhancer! It's said to make your joints,blunts,bowls, and tobacco last five times longer. That sounded so crazy I had to find out myself so I order one 2oz bottle! So the question was does it work.......YESSSSS! Nothing I've smoked lasted less then 20 min. and blunts sometimes last a hour depending on thickness and how much herb your using! Joints were lasting 30 to 40 min. Keep in mind though it doesn't boost the strengths of your herb or tobacco and it also doesn't take away from it; same effect but you can enjoy your smoke! With this product  I must say I'm 100 percent completely satisfied; and I'm yet to see any bad reviews on the product. Don't just take my word for it though TRY IT!!!!! Plus it's only 10 dollars how can you beat that! You can find this and more of their products here :TheKingBrand