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Take Your Time But Don't Waste It 

Are you taking your time ? I know that you want it so bad you can feel it, but are you rushing to get it or are you taking your time? The things we work the hardest to get tend to hold the most true value. Think about it like this when you get an assignment do you wait last minute? How can you give something you full effort if it never has your full attention? The things that bring your life value take time and patience, so next time you go to work on something important don't rush through, give it the attention it deserves from you. You might not see progress, you might feel like your not getting anywhere, but those are all things you have to feel to get somewhere. Things like work, school, and just time to settle down may seem like they are taking all your energy because they are, but if your already tired and losing sleep, what's some more stress to get where you want to be? It sounds doable but in reality, it's quite hard. I think you can do it, I believe we all can if we TRULY Try. All I'm saying is next time you want to watch TV or just scroll through social media. Say no and draw that picture, write that song, produce that beat, edit them frames. etc. You don't have all the time in the world but you do have time now!

Keep Striving  

How many times a day do you tell yourself it's time for a change ? How many times have you taken yourself serious? I mean I get it, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to for things we need, but we also aren't supposed to get comfortable in an unhappy spot! It's like getting promoted at a job you hate, if you take that promotion your more likely to stay put. The benefits are good, the money's great, but what about your mental state ? What about your happiness, what about your life goals? Stop telling yourself it's time for a change and carry yourself to that change. I'm not telling you let everything go, and go find your happiness. I'm saying if your already tired, then get more tired. When you get off that job you hate, stay up a little longer and work on your dreams. Create more time out of time you don't have because if your going stress then stress, but have something to look forward to. If you have to compromise, comprises but don't settle for a life that you never wanted!


Born with such a positive outlook. You can see things people who have endured life can't. That bestfriend the people around them call imaginary because they no longer see, the ghost that roam with stories you shouldn't know but we call it coincidence. The innocence you carried before life showed itself, the one we all start with and somewhere down the line loose. Is it hard times, struggles, and tragic events that stripp the human soul from its innocence? Lil Bobby truly thought there was nothing in this world he couldn't do, until the day his mother got sick and his favorite hero couldn't save her. Brittany biggest fear was sleeping with the lights off , until she was in broad day light with her old brother and seen a bullet take his lights out. Jackson was always himself very different but he wore it proud, until his mom dropped him off for his first day of school. Katie was born a dreamer her imagination truly ran wild until she shared it with others. Seems like for most of us life got painful and hard after we lost our innocence, but once its gone is it gone forever or am I just not searching hard enough?

Figuring Out This thing Call Life  

Sometimes I wish I could walk away from life as I know it, just one day of pure freedom to be me. They say work hard to get where you want to be, but sometimes I feel like this work is killing me. We work all day to maintain life as we should and to come home and work on your dreams to create happiness, almost seems as if there's not enough time. I fear that my youth will be gone when it all pays off. Clocking in to a place you never wanted to be will drain you of your energy. Being surrounded by people who have given up on their dreams and are telling you yours are to big can kill yours. Makes me wonder if it's the average who mold minds into staying average. Then there's Technology who seems to have this weird hold on me killing my humanity my creativity. So much time wasted on meaningless distractions, constantly checking my phone scrolling social media almost without thinking it's a natural human routine. I could be using that time to progress and build me but being aware makes it possible to strive for change, but if I'm honest with myself it's hard to overcome, it's hard to make life and my dreams work. I'm going to fall, I'm going to stress, I'm going to have bad thoughts but I have to try, because to live life doing what makes you happy shows others happiness can be at the end of the road if they drive it right. Life doesn't have to be about doing something you hate to maintain, something you had to settle for, never having time to have fun and be free no more, to just die and only your family and friends know the type of power your soul carried. It's something we have to endure to be strong enough for our happiness. But I have learned it's up to me to be strong enough to find happiness in life, but I also have to remind myself life will always have its bumpy roads even when you found the road to happiness.

Questions for the Trees! 

Ever just sit out back, get drawn in by the trees and how they sit up high, and watch the world grow? Wonder what they’ve seen? How many unanswered questions they have answers to? Do they hate us for destroying their families ? Or do they understand we’re not all the same ? Do they feel the hugs people give ? Do they understand that Individual love? Wonder how I'd see life from up above. . . 1000s of years of history buried inside when the oldest are cut down - do the trees mourn ? When the young go does it's mother feel turned apart ? Are any of the leaves scared of the dark ? If we could truly understand them would we find they have a heart ? When the fruits fall does it feel like they were let go? Like nobody cares and they on their own? Are we the ultimate enemy or does it feel like somebody came for them and eating them is giving them a home ? Do you ever get overwhelmed with questions and thoughts as you gaze in the trees? Or am I alone? Is it just me ?