Acclimated by what we've been through, the mind is a terrible thing to waste And at the same time it's a terrible place to wait”

— Angel Haze

Who Am I ?

Music Is where my heart lies; where my mind creates! Creating music for games, films and artist is My passion. Do you need music to help bring your creation alive? A reliable organized composer who can meet your deadlines, Or a songwriter to give your voice the perfect words? Take a trip and explore the sounds of ProtaJ Productions!

    For almost 11 years now ProtaJ has been writing poetry and MC-ing which is where her dream began. It wasn’t until she finished high school; when she took the first real step to building her music career. Moving to Orlando Fl, and starting college; the dream instantly changed! Still holding on to poetry and being an artist, the art of composing quickly became a part of her too. Sparking an interest in Game’s and films! She decided that making instrumentals for other artist wasn’t what she wanted to put her main focus on like she had thought; when she first entered the doors of Full Sail University. Staying open minded and just growing more into music dealing with games and films the interest just grew, she has even began dabbling in sound design. The work ethic truly speaks for itself so, if you enjoy what you hear ProtaJ is the creator for you!

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